The German Farmers’ Association

Deutscher Bauernverband (DBV)

“A Powerful Voice for German Farmers”  
Who we are
Founded in 1948, DBV is the professional representation of German agriculture and forestry. DBV is the voice of people who work in this sector, which constitutes an important pillar of German national economy, generating about 50 billion euro each year. Every eighth job in Germany is related to the agri-food business, which generates 150 billion euro annually. Its significance for the whole national economy has to be recognised. The interests and needs of farmers and foresters are represented and advocated by DBV. We articulate the interests of the rural areas, coordinate and support the associated groups in their main tasks. DBV is politically-independent.
How are we organised
The DBV is an agricultural umbrella organisation. Its members are the 18 federal state farmers’ associations, where more than 90 % of the about 380.000 German farmers are voluntary associated – a degree of organisation that cannot be found elsewhere. Above 300 district organisations are a direct contact for the famers on the ground. 45 associations and institutions of the agricultural and rural sector are associated members. They are actively participating in the work of DBV thanks to this cooperation. The broad-based input provides a highly democratic bottom-up decision-making. The guidelines of our action are fixed during the annual general assembly. Theses guidelines are the fundament for the elaboration of a further strategy by the executive committee. Every four years a president is elected. Several committees of experts, discussing different agricultural topics and commodity issues provide the necessary technical information. Thanks to those versed debates, decisions in the interest of farmers and foresters can be reached.
What we do
Representing the interests of German farmers means covering a large amount of themes. Agricultural, economic, environmental, legal, fiscal, educational and social issues related to farmers are our daily work. Members can rely on a provision of services in all these domains. Conventional farming is represented as well as organic farming. All ways of production and all kinds of agricultural products are taken into account. May it concern milk or seeds, beef or potatoes: DBV covers the fields, having protection of the environment and sustainability on mind. As THE voice of farmers, we communicate towards policy-makers, society and the media in order to provide authentic and competent information about the social and economic situation of farmers and their actual concerns and needs.
Authenticity -  Competence - Sustainability - Bravery & Solidarity
The powerful voice of German farmers …
… in the European Union
DBV is committed to the European idea. With agriculture being the most integrated policy field within the EU, our engagement in Brussels is crucial. Since its beginning, the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union (CAP) has had a large influence on the German Agricultural Policy, which renders the communication of the interests of our members necessary. That is why the DBV is a member of the Committee of Professional Agricultural Organisations (COPA), where we and our elected representatives intensively contribute to the advocacy work.
... and worldwide
DBV is representing German agriculture in the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), based in Rome. WFO is the voice of the worldwide farming community towards the international organisations like the United Nations with its Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Bank and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). In the framework of cooperation projects, our communication and exchange with similar organisations, particularly in developing countries, provides a pool of expertise and know-how.
In this context, DBV is convinced that well organised farmers are the key to a sufficient and sustainable agriculture worldwide.
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